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Sportsmanship Group at L/N Ready to Focus on Being the Best

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The Lawrence/Nelson Sportsmanship Group (they haven't come up with an official name yet!) will be handing out complimentary meal "tickets" in the form of a flag at all of our home games to our veterans, both from LN and those visiting.


Prior to varsity games beginning, Veterans will be asked to stand and be recognized, at which time they will be presented with a flag, a handshake, and a thank you from our basketball players.  Veterans are asked to take their flag to the meal deal and present it to the group hosting the meal deal for a complimentary meal from the sportsmanship group.


This sportsmanship group started their mission with a trip to the Sportsmanship Summit at Kearney on 11/14/18, with Mr. Hild and Mr. Peterson.  Head coaches of the high school sports selected nine players from grades 9 through 11, and are looking to increase the group size in the months ahead.  Those making up the group at this time are:  

  • Juniors - Coy Ceder, Hallie Epley, Trevin Kotinek, Annie McCartney
  • Sophomores - Trevor Biltoft, Blake Janda, Keith Miller, McKenzie Ostdiek
  • Freshman - Elsa Jorgensen

This group is also in the stages of developing an "accountability" card to be used within their own team, and also at games, where they look at 10 factors of sportsmanship and being a good teammate and player in general:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Responsibility
  4. Selfless
  5. No Excuses
  6. Respect for Self
  7. Respect for Peers, both Teammates & Opponents
  8. Respect for Adults, including Coaches & Officials
  9. Respect for Equipment & Facilities (Ours & Others)
  10. Coachability

The group will start with printing the calls made by officials in the home programs, and a word of encouragement to our fans not to help the officials with their call making of the game (did you know that "over the back" isn't even a call?), as well as not helping the coaches to coach (did you know that it is difficult to please both your parents AND your coaches - and many will choose to please their parents, going against what the coaches are trying to implement during each specific game, such as patience on the offense, or working the ball inside?).  The group had great ideas, and are looking forward to being the best case of sportsmanship in our area. 


The group stated, without a doubt, we have some of the best fans around, and this is apparent by the following we get at each of our games...thank you!  The sportsmanship group looks forward to having not only the biggest crowd at the games, but the best display of sportsmanship as well.  Please provide us with your feedback on how we can reach this goal with upcoming "report cards" in our programs, as well as doing your part to help us reach this goal.


Thank you, Raider Fans!  You are some of the best, and we want to continue to make the experience of coming to our games even better.  Go Big Black!