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Looking ahead to a brighter future for our students

What is Nebraska CAPS? It stands for the Nebraska Center for Advanced Professional Studies, and it is fully funded by the South Central Nebraska Unified School District  #5, and while the process and academic curriculum has been in place for the past two school years, the building is set to be done in December 2018.

While the video linked below, which was created by Ty Schweer and Austin Wilson for their NCAPS Spring 2017 career project, should answer several of your questions, we want to know if you have more!  Some of the more frequently asked questions and answers are as follows...

1. If I enter a pathway, am I stuck in it for the rest of the school year or my high school career?

    Absolutely not!  Students can change pathways at semester break, just like they can change classes at semester break!

2.  What if my relationship with my business partner just isn't working out?

    While we will try to convince you to work through some issues, we also understand there are times that this might not seem possible.  If this is the case, either from the student's end or the mentor's ends, changes can be made to the process.

3.  Will I still be able to take four years of math/science classes?

    Yes!  Many of our students taking college classes are also taking Physics or Chemistry, and/or Pre-Calc or College Algebra, just as an example.

4.  What pathways are currently being offered, and which ones are for college credit?

  • Ag pathway
  • Business pathway
  • Construction pathway
  • Education pathway
  • Graphic arts pathway
  • Healthcare pathway
  • Manufacturing pathway
  • Culinary arts pathway -- This is one that we are looking at adding.

5.  How do I go about finding a mentor to help guide me in a career field of my interest?

  • We have instructors and administrators specifically assigned to each career field.
  • These professionals will find a mentor for you, taking special consideration to the specific area you are interested in.
  • Transportation to the mentor is provided, or you can fill out permission forms to drive yourself to/from your mentor visits.
  • Your mentor is giving up valuable time at his/her profession to meet with you, so we have assigned tasks for the students at each of the visits, and the mentor will be able to provide us with feedback after the mentorship on what the student can do to improve his/her career skills.

6.  What classes are offered?  How many students are in the classes?


AG PATHWAY        
4 students 18/FA AGRI 1030 Intro to Natural Resources
3 students 18/FA AGRI 1310 Plant Science
  19/SP AGRI 1350 Plant Science Lab
  19/SP AGRI 1260 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
4 students 18/FA MART 1360 Intro to Graphic Arts
  19/SP MART 1210 Layout and Design
3 students 18/FA BSAD 2540 Principles of Management
2 students 18/FA BSAD 1360 Personal Financial Planning
  19/SP BTEC 1230 Business Communications
  19/SP ACCT 1200 Principles of Accounting I
22 students 18/FA SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology
28 students 18/FA SPCH 1110 Public Speaking
  19/SP SPCH 1110 Public Speaking
  19/SP PSYC 1810 Intro to Psychology
    EDUC 1100 Intro to Professional Education
1 student 18/FA AMDT 1010 Safety & Machine Tool Fundamentals
2 students 18/FA AMDT 1000 Blueprint Reading
  19/SP AMDT 1030 Manual Machining
  18/FA CNST 1200 Construction Safety
  18/FA CNST 1400 Residential Components
  18/FA DSGN 1020 CAD Fundamentals
  19/SP CNST 1500 Residential Framing
  19/SP DSGN 1610 Architectural Design
8 students 18/FA BIOS 1250 Struct & Function of the Human Body I
22 students 18/FA SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology (also listed under Education)
  19/SP HLTH 1470 Nutrition
  19/SP HLTH 1200

Nursing Assistant

4 students 18/FA AUTO 1000 Onsite at CCC
4 students 18/FA AUTO 1020

Onsite at CCC

  19/SP AUTO    
  19/SP AUTO    
GENERAL ED        
27 students 18/FA ENGL 1010 College English:  Taught at LN & SC
1 student 18/FA MATH 1600 College Algebra:  Taught at SC