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L/N Students Blow Away Judges at Annual Science Fair

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5c79aac1cebfcFirst place winner for the HS Chemistry Category, senior KaLee Fanning.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winners for the HS Life Science Category, sophomores McKenzie Ostdiek and Jessica Himmelberg.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winner for the HS Physical Science/ Engineering category, freshmen Theodore Kathman and Corbin Karmazin.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winners for the MS Earth Science category, eighth-graders Toby Kotinek and Krayton Kucera.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winners for the MS Life Science category, seventh-graders Bailey Ceder and Sydney Biltoft.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winners for the Rube Goldberg Systems, sixth-graders Valentina Koehler and Josie Hajny.Mrs. Kylee Haba
First place winners for the elementary projects were fourth-graders Faith Pedersen, Tiffany Gonzalez, and Riley Haba.Mrs. Dina Hoelting

Mrs. Kylee Haba

First place winner for the HS Chemistry Category, senior KaLee Fanning.

L/N Students Blow Away Judges at Annual Science Fair



    On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, judges were impressed while scoring projects at the 3rd Annual Lawrence/Nelson Science Fair.  Students began work on their science fair projects right after returning from the semester break and had deadlines to meet along the way in order to complete them for this day. Project themes ranged from Rube Goldberg systems to plant recycling… along with many other creative projects.

    After judging, projects were open to the public. Students were to present their experiments with results and answer any questions that visitors had, along with visiting the other projects in the room. Seventh-grader Sydney Biltoft stated, “I really enjoyed the animal rehab project done by Allison Jeffs, Alexandra Miller, and Victoria Miller the best because they brought an animal to interact with and it teaches people how to nurture animals after they’ve been hurt.”

    The science fair projects were split into several groups. Sixth graders created Rube Goldberg Systems, which are like dominoes with different objects making a chain of reactions to get to an ending point or result. Although all of the projects were good, two reigned supreme. Earning first place was Valentina Koehler and Josie Hajny and in second place was Kara Menke and Addison McCloskey.

    The seventh grade Earth Science Class presented the next group of projects. First place winners from this group were Sydney Biltoft and Bailey Ceder with their project Pet Handedness, where they tried to figure out which paw pets preferred to use. Second place was awarded to Michael Keever with his project on Marine Oil Spills while Claire Himmelberg and her project, Ant Cleanse, earned third place.

    The eighth graders presented in the next group with their Earth Science themed projects. First place was awarded to Krayton Kucera and Toby Kotinek as they presented their project entitled Water Quality, wherein they tested the quality of the tap water from different towns in the area to see which location had the best water.  Second place winners were Emily Troudt and Katelyn Mazour with their project about Land vs. Water.  Sadie Rempel, who presented about crystal growth, earned third place with her experiment.

    The high school was split into several more groups including Life Science, Physical Science/Engineering, and Chemistry. Awards started with the Life Science Category, where first place was awarded to Jessica Himmelberg and McKenzie Ostdiek for their experiments in recycling plant scraps to grow more food. Earning second place was Peyton Mazour and Cole Troudt for their project “How does light affect mold growth?” And in third place you could find Emily Miller and Avery Mazour with “How does gravity affect plant growth?”

    In the Physical Science/Engineering Category, three projects took top honors. Freshmen Theodore Kathman and Corbin Karmazin earned first place with their experiment of testing the best substitute for motor oil. With his homemade high heat forge and a passion for the TV show “Forged in Fire”, junior Coy Ceder won second place. Third place was given to freshmen Wyatt Brockman and Logan Menke with their handcrafted catapult that was created to help launch a ball for their four-legged friends.

     For Chemistry, the final high school category, three projects stood out. Putting her future career plans into use with her findings in which salts work best for homemade ice packs, senior KaLee Fanning won first place.  In second place came senior Megan Wheeland with her experiment in the luminosity of luminol. Finally, juniors Allison Miller and Joanie Schultz earned third place for their homemade fire extinguisher.

    The elementary students were also able to participate in the day. The fourth and fifth-grade students came up with their own projects and were judged by a few members of the senior class. Earning first place were fourth-graders Tiffany Gonzalez, Riley Haba, and Faith Pedersen.  Second place was awarded to fifth-graders Natalie Jacobitz and Raylene Miller.  And finally,fifth-grader Nathan Pofahl and fourth-grader Grayhm Beck received third place for their research.

    Along with all of the science fair projects, the UNL Extension Office brought down activities for students to participate in. There were virtual reality goggles; turning tumbles puzzles, muscle mania puzzles, a 3D printer, and breakout EDU rooms.

    The Morrison Cancer Center from Hastings was on hand to talk to students about sun safety.  This was coupled with Lawrence/ Nelson's science teacher, Ms. Abby Hongsermeier, putting together a Cell-fie Center for students and visitors to dress up and take fun photos with the science-themed props.

    And finally, students put on interactive displays for others to participate in. Those interactive activities included ice cream in a bag,  color changing slime, and light up cards.  There was something for everyone!

    Overall, it was a very exciting and educational day. After all was said and done, Hongsermeier stated, "You could really see the effort that the students put forth and the passion that they had for their chosen topics." The science fair is great for seeing an end result and what the students had learned throughout the process of completing their projects. The judges stated that they cannot wait to see what they come up with next year.


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