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SCU #5 Accelerated Reader Pirate-Themed Celebration was ARRmazing

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Monday, December 17th students from Lawrence/Nelson and Sandy Creek Elementary schools were educated and entertained by MN Capt. Jack Sparrow.  All students that met their 2nd Quarter AR Goal were invited to the Celebration.  Students spent the day engaged in a variety of hands-on, educational, STEAM based projects.  

Students explored the sand beaches from around the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.  A special thank you goes to the International Sand Collectors Society for their donation of over 60 sand samples from around the world.  Students found out about how the beautiful white beaches in the Caribbean are made.  You might think twice about running your toes through that sand.  The green beaches of Hawaii, the black beaches of England, the white beaches of the islands...students found out how each was created in its own unique way.  Students all sifted through sand samples and examined sea shells and compared them to a collection that was donated from a 5th grade class over 50 years ago.

In Art, students created their own signature "Jack Sparrow" hair piece using shells, stone and wooden beads.  Students were able to explore more rocks with several hands on displays that explained where the different rocks could be found, what they were used for and how to search for rocks yourself.  In PE, students enjoyed a strategic and challenging game of Capture the Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean style.  Then students settled down and watched a pirate themed movie...Disney's classic "Peter Pan" or "The Goonies."  Both movies allowed for discussion about bullying and how to handle those tough situations.

MN Capt. Jack Sparrow talked to the students about pirates and privateers, relating history to them for a different perspective.  Ask your student about the toughest pirate of the seven seas and you will find out it was not the famous Black Beard as most students thought.  The boys were disappointed and the girls were excited to find out the toughest pirate with the biggest fleet was actually a woman.  Did you know Black Beard was not all bad?  He actually freed more slaves than Abraham Lincoln.  What does the bleeding heart represent on Black Beard's Jolly Roger?  Why do we say, "break" change?  What is the difference between a pirate and a privateer?  Your students should be able to answer most of these questions.  MN Capt. Jack Sparrow left our students with an greater interest in reading and history and a great message.  "Remember the things you do, the words you say, the things you post on social media...they are parts of the history you are writing.  What message are you leaving behind for students to learn about you in 200 or 300 years?"  He talked to them about a rare heart shaped Piece of 8 and the message it left behind.  He reminded the students, "No matter what, as long as you put your heart into it, it will probably be a good message to leave behind."

Students will do classroom celebrations for 3rd quarter goals and we will have another District Wide celebration for 4th quarter.  Encourage your students to meet their goals, exceed their goals and keep reading.  Sandy Creek already has 3 students that have read over 1 Million words and were acknowledged on the BIG SCREEN at the games before break.  Congratulations to Josh Spray, Tripp Bracco, and Emily Brhel.  We also have numerous students that went 300% over their goal, MAXED OUT the AR program for grade equivalency improvements or are still at 100% comprehension.  These students will be listed soon with their special recognitions.  Remember a quote from the famous Dr. Seuss, "The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  Let's help encourage our students to be life-long readers today so they can be our leaders tomorrow.